Knowing Jesus & Making Him Known
Knowing Jesus & Making Him Known


Liam & Shennie- Senior Leaders 
Liam & Shen are the Senior Leaders of the Sanctuary and founders. They have a heart to see Jesus formed in each person that they would know their identity and become intimate with the one who sets them free. Liam and Shen have 3 beautiful girls, Charlotte, Allyra and Isla and love a laugh, sport and a good book. 
Dean and Bec - Associate Leaders 
Dean is the Sanctuary churches Associate Pastor. Dean and Bec have an authentic heart for Jesus, they love Him well and in overflow of their hearts love others well. They have a beautiful daughter Hazel and are always up for a laugh and chat. 
Dave & Lisa- Elders and Pastor 
Andrew & Joyce - Elders and Evangelists 
Kim (Trouty) & Kimberly - Elders